Swing Break Mexico 2018

San Pancho receives visitors from around the world seduced by its enviable tranquility and challenging waves, ideal for surfing. In its cobbled streets are incredible and delicious cuisine that blends the flavors of Mexico with international cuisine.

The spirit of San Pancho and its inhabitants, promise ideal for a unique and amazing experience full of Swing!.... so says the wonderful website of Swing Break, the get together of all Swing Dancers and Lovers from around the world.

From the 25th February to 4th March 2018, the organizers have put together a unique program, with the final party taking place on Plaza del Sol, just across the street from Paraiso Escondido. You can find more details on the Swing Break Website:

Here is the full program.

spring-break-2018-program-1 spring-break-2018-program-1

Paraiso Escondido

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